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Nov 4


Nominations were announced last night for the 2013 Channel 101 Incredibly Prestigious Achievement Awards. I know, I know! The Channel 101 awards are jokey and fun, and I know it’s silly to think a show that went all year long wouldn’t get nominated, but it’s still pretty cool to see our nominations all in one place. We’re nominated for:

-Best Show
-Best Directing
-Best Writing
-Best Actor - Jim Klimek & Steve Agee
-Best Cinematography - Brian King (and Sean O’Brien)
-Best Guest Star - Tom Kauffman as Strands in Car-Jumper Ep 9
-Most Emotional Moment - Young Car-Jumper’s first Car-Jump
-Best Editing
-Best Special FX (haha, what?)
-Best Production Design

I don’t know if we’ll win anything. We probably won’t with fan favorites and juggernauts like ActressBaby Mentalist, and Markees Vs. to compete with, but man what a nice way to close out a really fun year.

Car-Jumper is some of the most fun I’ve had making dumb videos, and I’m excited to keep doing it into 2014. Car-Jumper is a stupid show idea that was only supposed to go for one episode. I can’t believe we’re still doing it. Thanks for nominating us.