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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (As in “press release” not “release” like passing gas or getting out of prison):

SPEED DATING,” THE INTERNET VIDEO (Not technically a “short film” or “sketch” but most certainly an “internet video”) DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY EMMA KOENIG (pronounced keɪ’nɪg) DAVID WALTER SEGER (Bet you didn’t know my middle name was Walter, but it is) PASSES 1,000,000 VIEWS IN THREE DAYS (named for my mother’s father, my grandfather Walter).

ONE MILLION? This is silly and great. Emma wrote this awesome thing, she and Jeff performed the hell out of it, and the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is that whoever explores the “Segertube” youtube channel where we uploaded the video, whoever explores my channel looking for more videos like Speed Dating, will only find things like this. Whoops!

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    This short is pretty funny! The best short I’ve seen in a while. Dating sucks and this demonsrates why that is so...
  3. hipsterdiet said: wow this is awesome—very cool Dave!
  4. caseydonahue said: Congrats to you both! How many tickets at Dave and Buster’s do you get for a million views?
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  6. aaronmoles said: That’s fucking awesome!
  7. kevinmosley said: Casual sex partner forever x one million!
  8. aaronbleyaert said: Wow. That was great.
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