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The Sundial Man


A poem I wrote 4 years ago. Have twiddled with it off and on ever since. Sometimes I thought there might be a novel in it, but prolly not.


The Sundial Man has twelve parts:

All man’s science and all man’s arts.

When with his love he stopped to play,

Many hours fell away.

The Sundial Man walks around,

Pacing across his private grounds,

He gently strokes his lover’s face,

Then leaves her for his silent race.

The Sundial Man was born at dawn,

And when it’s dusk, he will be gone.

His corpse will lie alone, unprotected;

but come the ‘morrow – resurrected!

This poem is a nursery rhyme

You need to hear from time to time.


Yeeaaaa JOE HILL. I appreciate that Joe Hill, a successful novelist, shared this sweet little poem. Share it. Get it out of your brain. Don’t keep shit hidden in folders on your computer. 

Via Joe Hill's Thrills

"The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"
The Anniversary

Designing A Nervous Breakdown (2000)

"Hi. Here’s a cool song that you’ll listen to at least a thousand more times before you die." - the year 2000, 756 listens ago.

THROWBACK THURSDAY - The Straight A’s of Greendale (A Lot of Classes)

One of the promos we made for Community back in the summer of 2009 before the show started airing. A fake promotional video for Greendale Community College, starring Dan Harmon. Written and Directed with Tom Kauffman of Rick & Morty fame.


I’ve started a new tumblr called “All The Phantoms”. There may be some crossover with things posted on here, but for the most part, it’s for pieces that don’t fall under the FIIMT umbrella.

Hell yea I’m gonna reblog this. All The Phantoms: A good blog to follow if you’re into more Emma Koenig content. 

Emma and I met because I was a fan of her stuff, I enjoyed what she was putting out into the world. I found out who she was because I was searching the internet for anything else she’d made. And as a fan, this new blog is exciting. There’s already some very cool stuff on here, and this short story about a bidet is probably my favorite. Get on board.

Tove Lo
"Not On Drugs"
Truth Serum (2014)

New TOVE LO tune is great. 

Car-Jumper - Episode 15

Hey look, we made another one!

Bobbie Wygant reviews The Shining (by Erik Clapp Cinema+Photo)

"Kubrick has Shelley Duvall looking like something even the cat wouldn’t drag in.”

Fuck, I am losing my mind digging into all these old reviews and uncut interviews from Bobbie Wygant on this Vimeo account. I think I’m gonna miss Channel 101 tonight, I have to watch 10 whole minutes of 1987 Michael J. Fox talking about The Secret of My Success.

"Keep On Dancing"
Baby Baby
Big Boy Baller Club (2014)

Seger Selex with a bullet.


Haha, okay, after last month’s episode of Car-Jumper we thought it’d be funny to let other 101 creators spin-off our task force characters for new pilots: Daniels the Skateboard Cop, Harper the Ghost Whisperer, and Chaz whose thing is throwing fishbowls. The new creators took the characters and did whatever they wanted.

They’re all screening and one of them will probably cancel us this month.

Channel 101 February Screening
Saturday, February 22nd - Screenings at 8pm & 10pm
The Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main St, LA CA


Skateboard Cop by Wade, Ben, & Kelsy
Six Feet Under Cover by Ryan Howard
Fishbowls Are Definitely My Thing by Ariel & Alex
and Car-Jumper - Episode 15 by me & Spencer


"The Horseless Cowboy" - starring Joshua Seger

From our Country/Western themed MOVIE NIGHT in JUNE 2009.

Perfume Genius
Put Your Back N 2 It (2012)

Looking for “HOOD” sound effects for the new episode of Car-Jumper and my finder dug this up from my hard drive. Not what I was looking for but MAYBE JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Haha. 

To see which Hood sound effect I ended up using instead, come to Channel 101 on Saturday


If you can read and decipher these show titles, you know what the new pilots are for Channel 101’s February screening. #KitKat

So stoked for KIT KAT, that show has Prime Time potential.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Trailer

YEAH I’m blogging a big budget hollywood trailer! James Gunn was the first person I followed on Twitter. I used to read his Myspace blog. He’s got TROMA roots. It’s rad to watch him jump from the 2.5 million-dollar SUPER to a film that I’m sure has a budget of over 100 million. I hope it’s a huge hit.

And that ballsy-as-hell Blue Suede Hooked On a Feeling action-drumming mash-up that starts breaking out in this trailer is something special. 



Affectio is a web series by Emma Koenig and David Seger. Watch all 4 episodes right here.

Yeah! Dropping all the episodes at once like we’re goddamn Netflix or something!

This was a blast. Emma wrote it and performed the hell out of it. Nate Cornett shot it and other sweet people helped out too. Chase Fein is in it you guys. There’s credits somewhere. Hope you enjoy our "like a web series, but like a web mini-series or I guess maybe like a short film in four parts or, I dunno, I guess a web series."

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Via FUCK! i'm in my twenties


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