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Car-Jumper Voice Overs - Episode 16
It’s fun every month when we record Agee’s voice overs I make a little text file with his lines typed out for simplicity. These are from last month’s episode, and we’re recording this month’s today. It’s like a nice cross-section of the script for the episode, to see just the main character’s lines, you can get a weird halfway idea what happens in the episode.


Greendale Virtual Tour - Animatic (Summer 2009)


Hey this is fun, and links back to my FrameForge post from last week - here is the screen-grab animatic that Tom Kauffman and I made in 2009 for what became the "Straight A’s of Greendale" series. 

This animatic was intended to sell NBC on the idea, but I don’t remember if they even needed the extra push.

As you can see, originally the hope was that Jim Rash would play the part, but we quickly realized it was within budget and easier (and more fun) to have Dan Harmon play the part. 

HOLYCHILD - Every Time I Fall

What is it “pretty-girl-music-video-club” at David Seger blog today? I guess so so, huh huh?  


"Ooooh. Ah ah ah."

Tove Lo - Out of Mind

Feeling legit regret that I chose “Habits” over “Out of Mind” for the choice Tove Lo tune on SEGER SELEX 2013. I mean, “Habits” is great but fuuuuuck what about this tune. 

Expand Your Calendar with UpTo (by UpToApp)

Oh hey, you may have seen this UpTo ad on a pre-roll for a YouTube video, and just know in your heart as you click “Skip Ad” that I directed it for Sandwich Video. A guy named Dan Sturm did all the visual effects and that guy up there talking is named Doug Roland and’s he’s great. 


Malcolm Mays
"Small Thingzzz"
#TheLookbook (Mixtape) 2014

Haha I’m such a hater on gimmicky covers, but I can’t help digging this R&B/neo soul cover of Blink 182.

"Totally Confused"
A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight (1994)

File under “Beer can opening sound effect, songs with”

I have to keep in mind that a small percentage of my followers probably got here via the Filmmakers Tumblr Spotlight page. (Shout outs to Casey Donahue and Bobby Miller!)



Man, I am loving the hell out of FrameForge3D. I just digitally built the tight-squeeze bathroom I’m shooting next week so that I can refine and plan the shots and build an animatic. 

It’s a great program. I highly recommend it. Even just using the free demo version and taking screen-grabs works really well for building an animatic.

George Ezra - “Cassy O” 

(LottoVibes Live Session)

Listen to that voice coming outta this dude. (Jump to :24 to get past the opening bullshit)

2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987 (by Chris Iller)

Throwback 2

"We’re just goofing off. We’re just crazy kids, having fun."


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